Birth Story Medicine

The trees whisper tales only the heart can hear.

We cannot chose the path before us. No matter what we are told, the unexpected is usually waiting around the next corner. As we recount the story of our birth journeys, sometimes the people with whom we share will, even with the best of intentions, open or reopen old wounds causing us to wince or withdraw from our tales...sowing seeds of doubt, or glossing over your misgivings because after all, you and your baby survived, didn't you, so just count your blessings and stop complaining!

Birth Story Medicine® is a way of listening during which you are guided in a process of growth and healing allowing you to experience a profound shift in perspective about your birth experience.

As your Listener, I will sit with you, heart to heart, and Hear your story. We will sit down in that place that causes your breath to get stuck, and we will work together to truly understand it and know it. With this new insight you will be able to see your journey with fresh eyes and will be able to breathe more easily when revisiting your birth story, and perhaps other stories in your life as well.

Please plan for 60 uninterrupted minutes for your birth story session. Appointments are available upon request and are $20. We can meet in person in Tajique or Estancia, or by Zoom or phone.

Contact Jessica Ryan directly at:
Call or text: (505) 510-0835