Childbirth and Parenting Preparation

Beginner's Hands, Beginner's Mind

March 11, 2019

My mind knew what to do.. but even so, I found little success. I sat down to shape a lump of clay for the first time in months.. and things were not going accordingly. I knew how to hold my hands, I knew how hard to press, but that clay just kept slipping and slopping and resisting.

As frustration started to creep up, I sat back and took a breath. I softened and slowed down. I let my hands take the lead.. I felt the clay sinuously sliding on my skin.. I felt it give ever so slightly to my gentle pressure, pushing back on me, and my hands gave to it.

As I softened and stopped trying to force the clay, we began to dance together, and the graceful forms emerged.

It was a pertinent reminder.

Sometimes we have to forget. Let go.

When we can soften and approach a moment from a place of emptiness, we are using our beginner's mind. Having no expectation allows us to meet the present moment where it is at. From this place we can learn what needs learning, change what needs changing, or do anything that the moment calls for. This is a place of acceptance.. and from this place we are in our greatest power.