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The Importance of the Other Half of Your Day

March 28, 2019

Sleep.. that magical thing we do that let's us do what we do. What IS sleeping? They say our brains are quite active during sleep, so it's not like we just shut off.. but during this important time of our day, we are 'clocking out' so we can recharge.

While we sleep, our brains are reviewing what happened throughout the day, and distill and cook these events down into forms that it can use in the future. Memories are formed and associations are made, we learn..

Our bodies are doing similar work. While we sleep, our bodies are healing and repairing all of the micro injuries that occur with daily use, growing, and fighting pathogens.

When people do not get enough sleep, their mental, emotional, and physical abilities begin to suffer: it becomes difficult to learn, make decisions, or solve problems; sleep deficiency is linked to higher rates of depression and suicide; the body begins to gain weight, experience pathologies such as heart disease, diabetes, and immune deficiency.

What can we do to get more sleep? It's not like we can add more time to the day. If only, right? Understanding the importance of sleep can help raise its priority. We will never find time for sleep, so we must make it. As with everything else in life, it is up to us to schedule our priorities, to think ahead, and reckon with consequences. We simply can't do it all. There will be things that must be dropped from the day's schedule in order to attend to one last important task.

It's worth it. With the appropriate amount of sleep, we will be able to perform better and cope better. We will be more productive and will more than make up for the time spent sleeping. Our better physical, emotional, and mental health will benefit us not just for the short term daily grind, but also for the long term.

One of the great ironies of life is the busier and more stressed we are, the less we tend to sleep; yet, if we could sleep more, we could cope with the stress and work load better.

Here are some ideas to break the cycle and get a leg up on sleep. And once you do, guard and protect your sleep as if your life depends on it.. because it does.

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