Childbirth and Parenting Preparation

The Seasons of Death and Life

April 13, 2019

Now that Spring is upon us, we may have new life on our minds. We see the budding flora making its first brave appearance after a long hard winter. We see the animals making their preparations for young soon to come. The seasons are intricately a part of our beings, dancing through the year, a dance of both life and death.

Winter starts the cycle in nothingness, just as we begin our lives in the darkness of the womb. Uncertainty and unknowing, the beginning of the hunt for the other.

Spring brings a partnership, a new form of the dance, the chase.

Summer embodies the full glory our selves, at the peak of our time, the maturing of plans past.

Autumn brings the harvest sacrifice, as man gives himself to woman, dying the little death. But in death lies the beginning, and it is during the time of Unknowing Winter, that the cycle begins anew, bringing forth new life and new form not only for the child, but man and woman, too.