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Three teachers of humankind: one is event, that is from seeing and hearing; the second is intelligence, that comes from reflection and meditation; and the third is genius, individual, a gift from the Gods.

It Doesn't Have to be Perfect

Here I am, packing up for a vacation, excitedly stowing away my paints and looking through my photo library for inspiring pictures... then that feeling starts clutching at my chest..

The Burial

The Burial

Four years ago we broke ground to undertake the project to end all projects (and possibly marriages) in our home. We began The Water System, to harvest rain water to be our home's sole supply of water. Suffice it to say, for various reasons, this undertaking was an immense source of stress and heartache...

The Pilgrimage

The Pilgrimage

This Good Friday, as I was driving to my parents’ for Easter weekend, I saw many making their Pilgrimages...

The Seasons

The Dance of Death and Life

Now that Spring is upon us, we may have new life on our minds. We see the budding flora making its first brave appearance after a long hard winter...

Sleep, Sweet Sleep

The Importance of the Other Half of Your Day

So often the last item of the day also gets the last priority, but studies show that it should really be on of your first.

Beginner's Hands

Beginner's Hands, Beginner's Mind

My mind knew what to do.. but even so, I found little success. I sat down to shape a lump of clay for the first time in months.. and things were not going accordingly. I knew how to hold my hands, I knew how hard to press, but that clay just kept slipping and slopping and resisting....